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The Incomparable Quality

Ukrainian Chernozem — the most fertile soil in the world.

All our plantings grow on black soil, which guarantees the perfect quality of lumber.


Individual Approach

You — are the person, not just a customer.

We strive to become a reliable partner for You, by offering a completely individual approach to cooperation.


Worldwide Supplier

We fulfill orders all over the globe
for You.

Europe, North America, the Persian Gulf.
You name it — we make it.

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    About Us

    We Are Here to Help You Build Your Dreams in Reality

    Delav Company is a Worldwide Wholesale Lumber Supplier.

    Our main goal is to build long-term relationships all over the globe by helping individuals, communities, organizations, and companies, making their dreams into reality — from remodeling to massive constructions.


    Our approach.

    When we started Delav Company, we never wanted to be just like everybody else with their “programmed” way of doing business with people. We do not stand for that. We provide an entirely individual approach because we know that there are never two identical cases and two identical people.

    “ You — are the person, not just a customer ”


    Our way of communicating.

    In the world of progress and high technologies, where bots are replacing people and communication are automatizing, we care about natural human contact. We listen to our Customers’ problems first. Then we talk through it. And in the end, we offer the solution with step-by-step guiding.


    Our standards.

    We are putting our name on the line. For more than 21 years, we have been mastering the art of growing, maintaining, healing, and developing soil and forest stands. All our trees grow on the world’s most fertile soil — Ukrainian Chernozem.
    We proudly say that our lumber is incomparable when it comes to its properties and quality.


    Our values and principles.

    We believe that if a person does not have values and principles, the person does not have himself. That is the foundation of the world and us as personalities.

    Our principles: truth despite everything, trust is priceless, discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments, helping is the key, the greatest or nothing, the learning never ends, always strive to understand, give first, build for generations.

    We value: time above all, the ability to negotiate the opposing view, respect, responsibility, reliability, work ethic, money, perseverance, goals, vision, open-mindedness, hard work, positivity, courage, honor, enthusiasm, and failure because through it we learn and rise.

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    0 board feet of lumber sold each month
    0 long-term contracts signed each year
    0 relationships built with the customers each year
    Sawmill Services

    Implementation of Your wildest desires is here

    If You have a blueprint, we have a result. Just imagine — we will make it.


    Trusted Reliability and Incomparable Quality of our Lumber

    Experience lumber from the most fertile soil in the world — Ukrainian Chernozem

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