European Oak: properties, application, and advantages for You

The most surprising fact about the history of oak is the synchrony with which unrelated peoples and cultures have chosen one breed to worship.

The pagans of Eastern Europe made the oak trees their sanctuaries and performed rites under the oldest tree. Even after the Christianization, The Baltic Slavs continued to believe that God lived inside the Oak Tree.

Before cutting down the tree, the Germanic tribes put a cross on it so that the living spirit could come out and settle in another oak. And those who dared to mutilate a young tree or tear the bark from a large tree were executed directly under a broken tree.

Even when Christianity was widespread, one could see that respect for this tree was embedded in Ukrainians somewhere on the genetic level. For example, the Cossacks of Zaporizhzhia, who defended the Christian faith, were still sworn in under the giant oak tree that grows on the island of Hortitsa to this day.

What a tree looks like

The world has more than 600 species of oak, and they’re very different in appearance. The Ukrainian oak forests mostly contain European Oak or Cherry Oak.

This mighty cold-resistant tree reaches 40 meters (132 feet) in height. It lives predominantly for 500 years, but individual specimens live up to 700 or even 1,000 years. Active growth upwards occurs from 30 to 80 years.

The oak grows further in width: the average trunk thickness is 1.5 meters (60 inches), and for old trees — 2-4 meters (79 inches – 1.6 feet).

Growing close to other oak trees, it forms a long, even trunk with a small crown. In spaces free from other trees, the oak fills the entire area — it grows with a thick barrel and strong branches forming a broad crown.

European Oak — Tree Trunk

Oakwood properties

Oak is a heartwood tree with dark-brown, heavy wood whose texture is considered exemplary. It’s much more pronounced than in other species with thin annual ring lines, noticeable receptacles, a gradual transition from light sapwood to a saturated heartwood.

And its main feature is a dense network of heart rays. Dead core oakwood filled with tiles — antiseptic substances that keep lumber from rotting. Tanners, which are rich in living wood, also have a similar effect.

If you’re looking for lumber for use in high-moisture rooms and even in direct water contact, oakwood is the best option.
Delav company supplies lumber wholesale with impeccable properties of Chernozem-grown European Oak — best suitable for any of your tasks. Among other species, it’s indeed resistant to decay in contact with water, so our ancestors cut down the wells into oak.

However, the main advantage of doing business with Delav company is that we’re not just selling lumber but strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. And we’re not going to feed you stories about the extreme moisture content of this wood — it’s alive, and it gets destroyed in contact with water. But much slower: where the pine board turns to dust in 10 years, the oak will stand for 30 and 40 years. But why then did the old wooden bridges on the oak piles serve for decades? It’s not the supernatural powers of this species but the lack of oxygen.

Oakwood density varies from 650 to 790 kg/m3, but the average is 730-750 kg/m3. It wears out three times slower than pine or spruce but is not much resistant to deformations. Though, it bends perfectly well and is used in barrels production.

Weaknesses and strengths

Wholesale oak sawn timber has the following advantages:

  • Maximum density — about 750 kg/m3
  • Strength, high resistance to wear, bending, compression, and cracking
  • High resistance to biological influence (rot, mold, insects)
  • The ability to substantially bend
  • Moisture resistance

The species weaknesses don’t require a list the only one is its high internal stress. Inappropriate drying leads to deformation and cracking even in products. The solution is to buy lumber wholesale from Delav company. We offer lumber carefully dried in state-of-the-art drying kilns that guarantee the quality and sustainability of wood.

A glimpse about Chernozem-grown European Oak

European Oak is a surprisingly “stubborn” species. Frost-resistant, undemanding, able to grow in lack of light and high-moisture conditions on poor soil. The densest wood, more than 750 kg/m3, has oak trees that faced resource constraints. But work with it is complicated due to many knots, a crooked trunk, and cracking after drying due to high fiber stress.

But Delav company offers lumber from European Oak, grown in absolutely opposite to named conditions — on Chernozem:

  • In fertile soil, trees become as tall as possible, with a straight and even trunk
  • Faced with low temperatures, oak trees strengthen
  • Loose soil provides the principal condition for proper growth — the deep penetrating root system
Chernozem — Soil Texture

Application of European Oak lumber wholesale

Due to the unique configuration of characteristics, oakwood is used almost without restrictions:

  • In carpentry — for windows, doors, frames, stairs, etc.
  • In the furniture industry — an oak edge-glued panel is suitable for any furniture (beds, cabinets, tubes, tables, chairs), even for a bathroom
  • Musical instruments production
  • Wood carvings
  • Veneers that used for wrapping products from other less valuable species
  • Flooring such as terrace boards, parquets, etc.
  • In the cooperage business — in oak barrels grows wine, cognac, whiskey, etc.
  • Shipbuilding — for small yachts, pleasure boats
  • Small bridges — particularly for the underwater parts of it

We bet You didn’t know that about European Oak

Although only some oak species produce sweet acorns, European oak fruits are edible as well. They make coffee from its acorns and then shred it.
A single tree produces 10,000 fruits each year, of which only one is likely to become a tree.

If there were no oak forests in the world, Mankind would’ve never tasted black truffle — its mushrooms have a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the oak trees.
In other words, black truffles grow exceptionally in oak forests.

Black Truffle Mushroom

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